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She launched LipreadingMom. One of the ways she engages readers is with her Show Me Your Ears campaign, which celebrates its second anniversary this month. In the campaign, readers can submit photos of their ears, hearing aids and cochlear implants. In two years, the campaign has grown to include more than photos submitted by individuals from around the world. Her 13 year-old son is in 8th grade, her 10 year-old daughter is in fifth grade and her six year-old son is in first grade this year.

Today, she can see how each life experience has been part of a bigger picture — becoming skilled at lip reading at an early age, choosing a Communication major, learning basic sign language skills from deaf education majors in college.

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All of it was designed to help her become a better mom and advocate for the hearing impaired. In honor of blogger month, we want to celebrate our awesome followers! We're giving away a set of Shanna Grove's books, Confessions of a Lipreading Mom and Lip Reader, and a special autographed memento to a very lucky winner!

For a chance to win, comment below this article using your Facebook account and tell us which book you can't wait to read and why! For a second entry, participate in the Show Me Your Ears campaign by snapping a photo of your ear even if you don't wear a hearing device or implant , uploading it to your Facebook and tagging Healthy Hearing! Her impressive client list includes financial institutions, real estate developers, physicians, pharmacists and nonprofit organizations.

He allowed me to struggle and strive for years while we fought an unsuccessful battle with infertility all because He had this blessing planned for us. Ten years ago this fall, a teeny, tiny baby girl was placed in my arms and an invisible card with my new title — Mom — was issued. After years of it being my sole desire, my dreams had come to fruition and I was finally a mom! Welcome I have been a follower a Christ for 35 years, a wife for 18 years and a mom for the past 10 years.

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Children are full of questions from the moment they can utter sound. From the pointed grunts to the full sentences, the inquisitive minds of the young never cease to quiet. Why is the sky blue? When is dinner? Can I have a snack? I noticed that the majority of financial aid we were offered was actually loans, loans that need to be paid back with interest.

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No thank you! So how will we finance the rest? Some of my ideas are conventional, others are not. Some may work for you, or spark your imagination to come up with even better ways to earn extra income. When my oldest daughter left for her gap year I decided to try putting her room up on Airbnb. I bought some new sheets and towels, took some pictures and listed it.

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And, guess what? We had guests, and more guests, and more guests. In fact, her room has generated enough cash flow to cover the cost of her room and board at college next year!

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You may be surprised how easy it is to earn extra income from your extra bedroom. My kids are embarrassed by this, but on a whim I signed up to be an Uber driver; with my mini-van! I figured I was already a taxi driver to my kids, so why not get paid for it? So, when I dropped one of them off at dance class or work I just pulled up my Uber app and waited for it to buzz.

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And buzz it did! I have some great conversations! We invited kids ages from the neighborhood, church and school for 4 days of summer day camp at our house.

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I will definitely keep doing this one for college! I am not a seamstress and have no experience making costumes past your basic Halloween costumes for my 3 kids, but these turned out pretty good so I decided to try and sell them on Etsy and Ebay. The first ones sold within 24 hours and I realized that I might have something, so I kept making them. Lots of them.

In a matter of months I made enough to pay for a semester of college or more. Ebay and Etsy shops can generate lots of income if done correctly and with the right products. And, you can get your teens in on this one too! I know one 11 year old who made thousands of dollars selling slime in her shop! Making money by teaching others the things you already know is easy, profitable and fun. I love public speaking, so I taught a 5 week public speaking class to high school students every Friday afternoon.