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The truth is there are no guarantees with or without a college degree in any field really. Break a leg! A college degree certainly has a place… I work in a engineering field and it is required by law to have my degree in order for me to practice my profession.. Also on the note an Engineering degree almost always will provide opportunity for a good job and good money to pay off those loans… Look at several of the PF bloggers who have an engineering degree….

Most paid a good chunk for school and obtained a good job.. All things being equal… and not having the burden of loans and so forth from school one can work a career and be an aggressive go getter and end up retiring by 40 as well without the overhead and hassle of debt repayment…. The Issues comes down to lifestyle and consumer spending and how you control that will determine your outcome! And will thrive with out that burden of debt over her head!

My son has a BFA in MT and his entire four years cost about what you quoted for one year, but that does include scholarship awards. He is a working MT performer and is more than able to support himself without doing side jobs.

Again, I am not saying that college is for everyone and the course you chose may indeed offer the most opportunities to your daughter as it will definitely show her what that life choice means. I am only saying that if college seems important in the future, check out all aspects of the colleges to which you are applying including: courses offered; collaboration between music, theater and dance; cost; performing opportunities; exposure to the business agents etc.

MT can be a very brutal business. Best wishes for success. I think you made the right financial decision. My son is in the digital arts and is a writer. It is his passion.


My advice to him is that no matter what your major degree you need a minor in business. Anyone who will be self employed in the arts needs this. For your daughter she may want to take some performance related courses but she should also have an understanding of literature, politics, culture etc. I wish her the best and hope she finds a companion passion that can fund the performance dreams. Well no degree really guarantees a job, but it seems like an even less of a guarantee when it comes to acting. The families who are mortgaging their future are the crazy ones. Wow, what a tough call!

I did a lot of community theatre when I was a kid, and love singing, but acting and dancing not so much. At some point I decided singing would be a side-thing for me for the rest of my life. Totally doable.

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I think a lot of theatre parents force their kids to get a degree in something practical like accounting, haha! Best wishes! They were her dream schools and hard to turn down. I got accepted to AMDA and I ended up turning it down as well because of the costs, Ive been recently debating on whether to start a college journey or just get the lessons and experience at I hope all turned out well. We are considering the same path you have chosen for our son.

I see that this was posted in Would you mind sharing an update? Where has you daughter found the best training? Was she prepared to compete with kids who obtained MT degrees. Does she feel that she lacks connections others have due to college? Seems like you guys made a really tough call. I think you made a tough but wise call. My children are performers though much younger , and all of their teachers agree that to be a professional actor, dancer, etc. You do not need a college degree in dance or theater. So, it is probably better to let her pursue that dream for a while.

College will still be there later, and she can always choose to study something part time that could help her pursue her goals at that time. You guys deserve a medal. Not because of the decision you made, but how you made it. Breaking it down, and figuring out the best way for both you and your daughter, to get what she needs to have a crack at this crazy profession. The system is nuts. The cost of education is nuts and the way that we train and educate actors and performers is nuts. Great filming and direction. Enticing plot. Pulliam and Coon are great lead actors. Lots of fun to try and guess what happened and who did it.

David T. Sep 06, Surprisingly great!! Another masterpiece in the golden age of internet television. Matt M. Sep 05, Great show with some twists that you don't see coming and some that you do. It's kind of like a budget version of true detective. Jon E. Sep 03, Season 1? Season 2? I don't even know how to describe this.

Who cares? Eight episodes of your life wasted. Run from this awful second season. I'm still stunned I sat through the entire thing. This has to be the absolute worst season of any show ever made. Must be. And before you think all of the critics reviews tell the story, have a look when they were all written. The beginning of Season 2. Before this thing went off the rails. Greg R.

Sep 01, I liked the first season, but I'm kinda over season 2. Heywood J. I find this season to be different than the first.

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It feels unoriginal. The new characters like Ashley and Marin are uninteresting and their acting doesn't feel on point. Bill Pullman is, however on point. So is the young actor who plays Julian and Carrie Coon. I hope the finale will be better than the start. Marie-Pier L.

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I did not think that the second season could be as good as the first! I was so wrong! Brooke H. Aug 28, At first, I didn't think the second seasom was enjoyable. The first episode did little to geab my attention as the first season did.

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After all, the first season was intense from the first 5 minutes. However, I continued to watch the second season, and I'm so happy I did. The second season is a slow burner, a gradual climb thoughout the entire season. Also, the second season tells more of Bill Pullman's character. We start to see what has influenced the development of his character.

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  • I won't discuss spoilers, but in my opinion the boy was definitely not the star of this season at all. Honestly, he was an afterthought. The other characters this season made the story, and they definitely made the story so rich and engrossing. Kat H.